Natural Minor Scale

La Ti Do Re Mi Fa So La

"Natural Minor Scale" is a cornerstone of Western music, distinguished by its sequence of whole and half steps that infuse it with a poignant and introspective mood. Foundational to compositions spanning diverse genres, it imparts a melancholic quality that resonates with listeners.

The natural minor scale is sung as "La-Ti-Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La", and the order of intervals is "W-H-W-W-H-W-W".

In contrast to the major scale, the natural minor scale's third, sixth, and seventh degrees experience a decrease of half a step. This nuanced shift is instrumental in crafting its distinctive minor key atmosphere, invoking sentiments of wistfulness, reflection, and enigma.

Compositions artfully employing the natural minor scale yield an interplay of tension and resolution when harmonized with chords aligning to its tonality. While it finds a frequent home in classical compositions, its presence also reverberates throughout an array of contemporary genres, offering composers and musicians a palette to articulate a spectrum of emotions through its evocative tonal palette.

Example of Natural Minor Scale

Natural Minor Scale