Upper Mordent

A rapid alternation with the note above

"Upper Mordent" is a musical ornamentation technique and a variant of the Mordent technique.

When performing an upper mordent, the customary approach involves initiating with the main note, then swiftly alternating between the main note and the upper auxiliary note, and ultimately returning to the main note. The tempo of this technique is typically brisk, introducing rapid variations and dynamic effects into the musical passage.

In sheet music, the number of twists or turns within the upper mordent symbol conveys the frequency of alternation between the main note and the upper auxiliary note.

The upper mordent serves to introduce precise musical nuances, enlivening the composition and amplifying its expressiveness. It can be employed to accentuate specific notes, infuse the music with vigor, or create dynamic musical variations that augment the emotional and dramatic elements of the piece.

Example of Upper Mordent

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