A rapid alternation between two adjacent notes

"Trill" is a musical ornamentation technique distinguished by the rapid alternation between two adjacent notes, resulting in swift pitch variations that contribute depth and emotional expression to musical passages.

In the execution of a trill, musicians typically engage in the rapid oscillation between two neighboring notes, causing their pitch to swiftly fluctuate. This technique is adept at generating fast and continuous pitch variation effects between different notes. The speed and intensity of a trill can be tailored to achieve a spectrum of musical effects, spanning from brisk and robust trills to gentle, slower ones.

In most instances, the notes within a trill are played with brevity, resembling grace notes, and produce an effect akin to "vibrato". However, trills particularly emphasize the dynamic alternation between the primary note and the auxiliary note.

The trill technique introduces distinctive musical embellishments, imparting vibrancy and heightened expressiveness to the music. It serves purposes such as emphasizing specific notes, enriching the musical texture, crafting captivating melodic variations, and intensifying the emotional and dynamic elements of the composition. Furthermore, this technique is a versatile tool capable of conveying a range of emotions, including the creation of tension within the music.

Example of Trill

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