The act or art of playing a stringed instrument with a bow

"Bowing" is a musical term referring to the action or technique of using a bow. This term is primarily associated with the technique of playing stringed musical instruments, especially instruments like the violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

In stringed instrument performance, bowing refers to the way a performer generates sound using a bow. The bow is made of horsehair tightly strung across a thin and long wooden stick, and performers create musical sound by applying pressure on the bow and moving it across the strings.

The technique of bowing is crucial for the expression of music. Performers can achieve different timbres, volumes, and expressions by altering the speed, pressure, and positioning of the bow. This technique can produce a variety of musical effects, ranging from gentle and lyrical melodies to powerful and passionately charged phrases.

Example of Bowing

How to Bow Smoothly on the Violin: close up & slow motion