To jump (the bow)

"Sautillé" is a musical term frequently used in the context of stringed instruments, especially the violin, as a performance directive. This French-origin term directly translates to "jumping" or "leaping", signifying a distinct bowing technique wherein the musician plays the notes in an animated manner, eliciting rapid bouncing of the bow on the strings.

In a sautillé performance, the musician typically orchestrates the bow to lightly bounce on the strings, creating a swift succession of brief and lively bow strokes. This technique yields a musical effect marked by a pronounced sense of rhythm and exuberance. Despite the short intervals between notes, each note remains distinct and audible.

In music, sautillé is often harnessed to accentuate rhythmic qualities and infuse a vivacious and animated ambiance. Employing this style of play necessitates the performer's adeptness in rhythm perception and bowing control, ensuring that each bow stroke maintains the correct speed and intensity while preserving the fluidity and musicality of the piece.

"Sautillé" is frequently encountered in fast-paced musical compositions and presents a challenge to performers, demanding the execution of notes at a rapid tempo. This technique introduces a dynamic and spirited dimension to stringed instrument music.

Example of Sautillé

Sautillé Bowing