"Presto" is an Italian musical term that translates to "very fast" in English. It is a tempo marking used to indicate that the music should be performed at a very rapid and brisk pace, conveying a sense of speed, excitement, and urgency. It is usually played at a tempo of 168 to 200 beats per minute.

"Presto" is a tempo indication that guides the performer in terms of the speed and character of a piece of music. It signifies that the music should be played at a very fast tempo, conveying a feeling of rapid movement and intensity. This marking is often represented on sheet music as the word "presto".

When encountering a "Presto" marking, performers are expected to play at an extremely rapid and brisk tempo, capturing the sense of urgency and excitement within the music. This tempo choice creates an exhilarating and dynamic musical atmosphere, propelling the music forward with a sense of speed and intensity.

The "Presto" tempo marking challenges performers to demonstrate technical skill, precision, and control, as playing at such a rapid pace requires dexterity and agility. The music's rhythmic patterns, melodic lines, and dynamic contrasts become more pronounced and demanding.

Interpreting "Presto" requires performers to maintain a highly energetic and rapid tempo, capturing the essence of urgency and excitement. The music should feel exhilarating and intense, with melodies and rhythms that race forward with a sense of urgency.

Example of Presto

ANNE-SOPHIE MUTTER - Vivaldi,The Four Seasons Summer Presto