Bartók Pizzicato

Snap pizzicato

"Bartók Pizzicato" is a musical term referring to a specific pizzicato technique used on string instruments. This technique is named after the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, who extensively employed this unique playing style in his compositions.

Bartók pizzicato involves a distinctive playing technique where the string is plucked rapidly at the beginning of a note with the fingers, causing the string to quickly snap back, producing a sound reminiscent of a "bounce" or "spring". This sound effect imparts an engaging rhythmic and tonal quality to the music, infusing it with vitality.

The technique of Bartók pizzicato can yield a rich range of tonal variations, characterized by a unique, brief, and crisp sound. This playing method can create tonal contrasts between different sections of string instruments and showcase rhythmic diversity in the music.

Bartók extensively employed Bartók pizzicato in his compositions, particularly in his string quartets, making this distinct musical effect a hallmark of his works. Bartók pizzicato introduces a distinctive sonic quality to the music, enhancing its recognizability and leaving a distinct impression.

Example of Bartók Pizzicato

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