Andante con moto

With motion

"Andante con moto" is a musical term commonly found in sheet music, indicating that performers should play with a moderate tempo, characterized by a sense of "with motion" or "with movement". This instruction implies that the rhythm of the music should maintain a middle ground pace while imbuing the music with a lively and flowing sensation, as if it were in motion.

The interpretation of "Andante con moto" can be divided into two parts. "Andante" signifies a moderate tempo, indicating that the rhythm of the music should be somewhat slower but not excessively so. This tempo allows performers ample time to convey the emotional aspects of the music. "Con moto", on the other hand, emphasizes a sense of motion or movement in the music. This suggests that performers should infuse the music with a lively, rhythmic sense of movement on top of the moderate tempo.

Example of Andante con moto

Schubert, Trio op. 100 - Andante con moto