Somewhat fast but not too much

"Andantino" is an Italian musical term that translates to "slightly faster than andante" or "a little faster than walking pace" in English. It is a tempo marking used to indicate a moderately slow tempo, faster than "andante" but slower than "moderato". It is usually played at a tempo of 76 to 108 beats per minute.

"Andantino" serves as a tempo indication, guiding performers in terms of the speed and character of the music. This marking conveys a tempo that is slightly faster than a leisurely walking pace, instilling a sense of gentle movement and grace. It is often represented on sheet music as the word "andantino".

Upon encountering an "Andantino" marking, performers are expected to play at a tempo that is moderately slow yet imbued with a subtle forward motion. This tempo choice allows for a lyrical and flowing interpretation of the music, fostering a sense of elegance and expression.

Composers utilize "Andantino" to evoke emotions of tranquility, nostalgia, or introspection. The tempo encourages performers to explore nuanced phrasing and subtle dynamic contrasts, contributing to the music's emotive depth.

Interpreting "Andantino" requires performers to maintain a steady and measured tempo, capturing the delicate balance between gentle movement and lyrical expression. The music should flow smoothly, with graceful phrasing and a sense of unhurried beauty.

Example of Andantino

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Andantino (HQ)