A violin played in the folk style

"Fiddle" is a slang term used to refer to the violin, particularly in folk music and traditional music contexts. While the formal term for the instrument is "violin", the term "fiddle" is more commonly used in certain music genres and regions, especially in Irish, Scottish, American folk music.

The term "fiddle" traditionally carries connotations of folk music, country music, and other similar styles, emphasizing its passion, liveliness, and improvisational nature. It implies a more casual and free-spirited playing style compared to formal classical music performance, allowing the musician to showcase their individual style and techniques.

Despite the linguistic differences, the violin and the fiddle are essentially the same instrument. Whether playing the violin or the fiddle, the instrument's construction and basic techniques are identical. However, the terms are sometimes used to distinguish different playing styles, repertoire, and expressive approaches within different musical cultures.

Example of Fiddle

What is the difference between a violin and fiddle?