Very lively, very animated

"Vivacissimo", an Italian musical term, translates to "very lively" or "extremely lively" in English. It is used as a tempo marking in sheet music to indicate that a passage should be performed at an exceptionally fast pace, even faster than the tempo indicated by "vivace". It is usually played at a tempo of 172 to 176 beats per minute.

"Vivacissimo" is an intensified version of the tempo marking "vivace", conveying a pace that is even more brisk and energetic. This instruction guides performers to approach the music with a highly spirited tempo, allowing for a vibrant and animated rendition of each note.

When encountering a "Vivacissimo" marking, musicians are expected to embrace a tempo that surpasses that of "vivace". This rapid tempo choice creates an atmosphere of dynamic excitement and vitality. The swift pace of each note provides little time for hesitation and encourages a lively and spirited performance.

Composers utilize "Vivacissimo" to emphasize the exhilarating nature of the music and its high-energy character. This tempo marking is used selectively and usually reserved for passages that demand an intense and vivacious expression, conveying a sense of joyful exuberance or dynamic playfulness within the composition.

Interpreting "Vivacissimo" demands precise control over speed and articulation. Musicians must navigate the rapid tempo while maintaining clarity and precision in their playing, ensuring that the energy and liveliness of each note contribute to the overall spirited narrative of the piece.

Example of Vivacissimo

Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35, TH. 59 - III. Allegro vivacissimo