Emphasizeing a specific note or group of notes

"Accent" is a musical term used to indicate that a specified note should be played with a greater emphasis or intensity. It helps highlight the designated note, increase expressiveness, and emphasize its importance in the music.

In sheet music, the common marking for an accent is an arrowhead symbol (">" or "^") placed above or below the note. These markings instruct the performer to apply additional force or intensity to the specified note.

When encountering an accent marking in sheet music, musicians are directed to play the indicated note with more force and intensity. Typically, this includes a slight increase in volume and a more pronounced attack or articulation of the note. The goal is to make the accented element stand out in the music.

The use of accents in music can vary. It may be employed to emphasize melodic notes, create rhythmic interest, or convey specific emotions or moods. For example, in a piece with a flowing melody, accents can be used to add drama to specific notes, making them more memorable and impactful.

When interpreting accents, performers need to understand the overall musical context and the composer's intent. Despite involving a sudden increase in intensity, performers should consider the overall musicality and execute with precision to enhance the performance and convey the composer's intentions and musical context accurately.

Example of Accent

Accent Example - Musical Concepts