Emphasized, accentuated

"Marcato" is a musical term that translates to "marked" or "accented" in literal terms.

Marcato indicates to the performer that they should play specific notes with a distinct accent. Typically, musicians emphasize the marked marcato notes by increasing their volume slightly and slightly lengthening the duration of these notes to make them stand out prominently within the musical context.

In sheet music, the marcato marking is often represented by an open horizontal wedge symbol (^) placed above or below the note, indicating that the performer should play that note with a marked accent.

Interpreting marcato requires finding a balance between precision and musicality. Performers should strive to execute marcato in a way that enhances the overall expression of the music without disrupting its flow, contributing to the interpretation and emotional impact.

Example of Marcato

Prokofiev Symphony No.5 in B flat Op.100 II.Allegro marcato