To play with prominent stress or accent

"Sforzando" is an Italian musical term that translates to "sudden strong accent" in English. It indicates that a specific note or phrase in the music should be played with a sudden and pronounced emphasis, causing an immediate increase in volume. This marking is typically used to create a dramatic and impactful musical effect.

"Sforzando" is an articulation marking that guides performers to emphasize a particular note or phrase by playing it with a sudden and strong accent. This marking highlights a specific musical element, making it stand out prominently in the music. The notation "sf" or "sfz" is used to indicate a sforzando in sheet music.

When encountering an "Sforzando" marking, performers are instructed to increase the volume abruptly on the designated note or phrase, creating a sudden emphasis. This sudden accent can add a dramatic and expressive quality to the music, drawing attention to the highlighted element.

The "Sforzando" marking goes beyond merely increasing volume; it also includes a strong artistic expression. Performers should ensure accuracy and musicality while executing the emphasized element, seamlessly integrating the accent into the musical context.

Interpreting "Sforzando" requires performers to accentuate a specific note or phrase with a sudden increase in volume, ensuring both musical fluidity and emotional expression. This abrupt emphasis can infuse the music with drama and dynamics.

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