Jiangnan Sizhu

A style of traditional Chinese instrumental music from the Jiangnan region of China

Jiangnan Sizhu is one of the popular traditional music forms in southern China, originated in ancient Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other regions. This music form includes a variety of instruments such as stringed, wind, and percussion instruments, including erhu, zhonghu, jinghu, banhu, guzheng, pipa, dizi, dongxiao, hulusi, sanxian, percussion, and so on. The music style of Jiangnan Sizhu is gentle and beautiful, and it is known for its poetic and picturesque characteristics, showing the cultural features and life interest of the Jiangnan region.

The main form of Jiangnan Sizhu is the ensemble of multiple instruments, which is often performed as a program for social and entertainment activities. Performers usually conduct simple practice before the performance to ensure the coordination and harmony of the performance. The performance style of Jiangnan Sizhu is characterized by the delicate transition between notes and the variation of timbre, and emphasizes the sense of rhythm and emotional expression in performance. The music content mainly depicts the natural scenery, customs and folk stories of the Jiangnan region, and constantly absorbs elements from other music forms, evolving and innovating constantly.

Example of Jiangnan Sizhu

Jiangnan sizhu 江南丝竹 - 梵王宫

Writer: Frankie Chan