Very slow

"Adagissimo", an Italian musical term, translates to "very slowly" or "extremely slow" in English. It is used as a tempo marking in sheet music to indicate that a passage should be performed at an exceptionally slow pace, even slower than the tempo indicated by "adagio". It is usually played at a tempo of 24 to 40 beats per minute.

"Adagissimo" is an intensified version of the tempo marking "adagio", conveying a pace that is even slower and more deliberate. This instruction guides performers to approach the music with an exceptionally slow tempo, allowing for a profound exploration of each note's expressive qualities.

When encountering an "Adagissimo" marking, musicians are required to adopt a tempo that is slower than that of "adagio". This deliberate tempo choice creates an atmosphere of deep contemplation and introspection. The extended duration of each note provides ample time for emotional expression and connection.

Composers utilize "Adagissimo" to emphasize the significance of time and the intricate emotional nuances of the music. This tempo marking is sparingly used and typically reserved for moments of intense emotional expression, reflective passages, or instances of profound beauty within the composition.

Interpreting "Adagissimo" demands careful attention to pacing and expression. Musicians must navigate the slow tempo while maintaining a sense of coherence and continuity, ensuring that each note contributes to the overall emotional narrative of the piece.

Example of Adagissimo

Symphony No. 9 in D Major: IVh. Adagissimo