Text of an opera, operetta, or other kind of musical theatre

Libretto refers to the script of an opera, operetta, or musical, containing all the lyrics and dialogues. It is written by a librettist, typically a playwright or poet, and serves as the foundation for the composer to create the music.

In operas and musicals, the lyrics are sung by the characters to express their emotions and interactions, while the dialogues are spoken exchanges between characters.

Writing a libretto is a crucial process as it brings together the composer's music and the writer's words, creating a complete musical work. Composers often draw inspiration from the libretto's plot, characters, and emotions to compose corresponding music.

Librettos are typically written by playwrights or poets based on a specific story or theme and must synchronize with the rhythm and melody of the music. During opera and musical performances, the audience often sees subtitles of the libretto to understand the characters' dialogues and singing parts.

Example of Libretto

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