A system of solmization in which the syllable "Do" is always "C"

"Fixed-Do" is a pitch notation system in which the pitch of note names remains constant regardless of the key or tonality. In the Fixed-Do system, each note is assigned a fixed pitch, independent of its function in different keys.

In the Fixed-Do system, note names are used to represent specific pitches. For example, "Do" represents the pitch of C, "Re" represents the pitch of D, and so on. The pitches associated with note names remain consistent and do not change based on the key or tonality. This means that the same note name always corresponds to the same pitch, regardless of the key.

In contrast, the "Moveable-Do" system adjusts note names based on the key. In this system, "Do" represents the tonic of the current key, allowing for flexibility in identifying pitches within different tonalities.

Fixed-Do is commonly used in music education and vocal training to help students understand pitch relationships without being influenced by the key. It aids in accurately identifying notes and chords and facilitates quick pitch transposition across different keys.

Example of Fixed-Do

Singalong Solfege Level 9 (Treble/Fixed-do)