An instrumental work that composed in free and irregular style

"Caprice" refers to a lively and often whimsical musical composition or performance known for its free and spirited nature. Typically, it is a short and spirited piece of music that allows composers or performers to showcase their technical abilities, creativity, and expressiveness.

Caprices are often associated with instruments that require exceptional soloistic technique, particularly instruments like the violin, piano, or guitar. Composers use Caprices as a platform to explore various techniques, rapid musical phrases, and intricate ornamentation, demonstrating their deep mastery of the instrument.

One of the most famous sets of Caprices is Niccolò Paganini's "24 Caprices for Solo Violin". These works are renowned for their demanding technical requirements and Paganini's imaginative exploration of the limits of violin technique.

Example of Caprice

Caprice #24 di Paganini by Jascha Heifetz