A onomatopoeic phrase of yodeling technique

Yodelayhee (or Yodel-Ay-Hee-Hoo) is an onomatopoeic phrase that imitates the distinctive vocal technique known as yodeling. Yodeling is a traditional form of singing characterized by rapid changes in pitch between the chest voice (lower register) and the head voice (higher register). It is commonly associated with mountainous regions and folk music traditions, particularly in Switzerland, Austria, and the Alpine regions.

Yodelayhee is often used as a playful and catchy phrase that represents the exuberant and expressive nature of yodeling. It is commonly used in songs and performances that feature yodeling, adding a unique and lively element to the music. The repeated syllables mimic the melodic jumps and vocal acrobatics characteristic of yodeling.

Example of Yodelayhee

Melanie Oesch - The Queen Of Yodeling