A lively folk dance of southern Italy in 6/8 time

"Tarantella" is a distinctive Italian dance known for its unique rhythm and lively character. Originating from the southern region of Taranto in Italy, this dance is characterized by its energetic and upbeat nature. Traditional instruments like the accordion or guitar frequently accompany it.

The Tarantella is steeped in legend, with one story suggesting that the dance had the power to cure individuals bitten by tarantula spiders, hence its name. According to this folklore, victims of tarantula bites would enter a frenzied state, and the only way to alleviate their symptoms was through dancing. Consequently, the Tarantella is known for its rapid and passionate movements, believed to help dispel the effects of the spider's venom.

In Italian culture, the Tarantella has a rich history and is commonly performed in musical settings. Its brisk tempo and cheerful melodies make it a popular choice for various celebrations and entertainment events. Often, the Tarantella is performed collectively and can be a part of weddings and other festive occasions. While the arrangements of the Tarantella may vary depending on the context, its essential elements always include a lively rhythm and spirited melodies.

Example of Tarantella

타란텔라(Tarantella) in A minor - 피악존카(A. Pieczonka) | 피아노