Minor Scale

Harmonic Minor Scale, Melodic Minor Scale, Natural Minor Scale

"Minor Scale" is a fundamental musical scale in Western music that imparts a relatively somber and melancholic sound compared to the major scale. It is widely used to create emotionally rich melodies and harmonies in music.

The construction of a minor scale follows a specific pattern of whole and half steps. A typical pattern for the natural minor scale is: whole, half, whole, whole, half, whole, whole.

However, there are variations of the minor scale, such as the harmonic minor and the melodic minor. The harmonic minor scale introduces a half-step raise at the seventh note to create a more harmonious harmonic structure. The melodic minor scale raises at the sixth and seventh note while ascending and reverts to the natural minor scale's intervals when descending, resulting in a more expressive melodic effect.

The minor scale's sonic characteristics of sadness and melancholy make it a favored choice for expressing emotions and establishing emotional resonance in music. It is utilized across various musical genres, from classical to popular music, and even in jazz and electronic music.

Example of Minor Scale

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