The pitch accuracy of a musician or musical instrument

"Intonation" in music refers to the accuracy of pitch and tuning, ensuring that the notes or harmonies played or sung match the desired pitch. It is crucial in both instrumental and vocal music, influencing the overall sound quality and performance of the music.

In music, intonation refers to the ability of a performer or vocalist to accurately adjust the pitch of notes or harmonies to the intended pitch. This is achieved by adjusting factors such as string tension, breath pressure, or vocal cord tension in the case of singers. Intonation closely relates to pitch adjustment, ensuring that the pitch remains consistent throughout a performance and harmonizes with other notes or harmonies.

Inaccurate intonation can result in music sounding out of tune, dissonant, or lacking a clear musical structure. When performers or vocalists are unable to adjust the pitch accurately, the music can become difficult to discern or unpleasant to listen to. Hence, maintaining good intonation is vital for creating high-quality musical performances in both instrumental playing and singing.

Achieving accurate intonation requires performers or vocalists to have sensitivity to pitch and technical skill. Many musicians engage in regular pitch exercises to enhance their intonation and musical performance levels.

Example of Intonation

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