A musical ensemble composed of multiple singers

"Choir" is a musical ensemble composed of multiple singers who come together to perform and interpret songs. Choir members can encompass a variety of vocal ranges, including male, female, and children's voices, blending their harmonies to create stirring musical performances.

Choir repertoire spans a wide range of genres, including classical music, religious music, folk songs, and popular music. They can perform a cappella harmonies or accompany instrumental music during their performances. The musical styles and presentation of choirs vary greatly, encompassing solemn choral pieces to lively pop songs, all of which showcase unique emotions and vocal timbres through the medium of choir performance.

Singing in a choir demands proficient harmonizing skills, including accurate pitch, collaborative performance, and expressive delivery. Conductors guide choir performances, leading singers to convey emotions within the music and ensuring vocal balance and unity.

Choir performances offer a collective musical experience, capable of resonating deeply with audiences and creating moments of exquisite musical beauty. Whether in concerts, religious ceremonies, music festivals, or other settings, choir performances bring forth both emotion and joy.

Example of Choir

Charlie Puth & Wiz Khalifa - See You Again | One Voice Children's Choir Cover (Official Music Video)