The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Teaching since 2013
Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Thomas Hui

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Professional field(s): Piano
Teaching language(s): Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Teaching since 2013

Hui Chak-Wai Thomas is a piano teacher beloved by all his students. Hui was graduated from the music department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in piano performance under the guidance of Mr Raymond Young Chap-Lai. He studied composing with Professor Wendy Lee Wan-Ki and Dr. Chan Kai-Young, and piano pedagogy with Dr Poon Kiu-Tung and Dr. Annie Mok On-Nei. After his undergraduate study, he studied piano elementary teaching with Dr. Dale Wheeler under the programme of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Hui succeeded in different competitions. He was the champion with a first-class award in ‘2017 Chopin Memorable Prize’ Hong Kong-International piano competition – Chopin Impromptu Group. In the same year, he won the third prize in Antonio Vivaldi Youth Music Competition Vienna 2017.

From 2017 - 2018, he was a teacher of a music program of Lok Sin Tong Yang Xiao Ling Speech Therapy Centre for SEN children aged 3 - 8. In 2021, he was invited to hold a music workshop for the elderly in ELCHK, Shatin District Community Centre for the Golden-Aged. From 2023, he has been invited to be the programme director of the music enlightenment courses for children in the Prestige Music Academy.

Hui is devoted in piano teaching. With his unique, interactive music pedagogy, he inspires students to have excellent performance in various music competitions. He was awarded the Teacher Award by Hong Kong Youth Performance Art and Development Association (HKYPA) in 2018 and the Outstanding Teacher Award by Hong Kong International Musicians and Arts Association (HKIMAA) in 2019. He was continuously awarded the Best Teacher Honour Award by the International Fringe Association in 2021 and 2022.


Students Exam Result:

  • ABRSM Piano Performance Grade Exam, Grade 2, Distinction
  • ABRSM Piano Graded Music Exam, Grade 5, Distinction
  • ABRSM Piano Performance Exam, Grade 5, Distinction
  • ABRSM Piano Performance Exam, Grade 8, Distinction
  • ATCL Piano Recital, Distinction


Students Competition Awards:

  • HKYPAF The 6th Hong Kong International Youth Performance Arts Festival 2018, F.4 - 6 Group, 1st Place & 3rd Place
  • The 7th Hong Kong Youth Barclarmpory Music Festival, Piano Bach Class, 2nd Place
  • The Asia’s Elite Piano & Strings Competition 2020, John Thompson 2nd Grade, 2nd Place
  • The 4th (Taiwan) Asia.Aegean Sea Music Competition - Hong Kong Region Preliminary Round 2020, Piano Professional Class D, 2nd Place
  • The 6th KAWAI Asia Piano Competition Hong Kong Region, Amateur Group - Junior Group, 1st Honourable Prize
  • International Fringe Music Festival and Competition 2021, 20th-Century Group, 3rd Place
Thomas Hui


Bachelor of Arts in Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Graduated with piano performance as major, under the guidance of Mr. Raymond Young

Certificate of Teaching Elementary Piano, The Royal Conservatory of Music

With the guidance of Dr. Dale Wheeler


Trinity College London

LTCL Piano Recital, Distinction

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Grade 8 Music Theory

‘2017 Chopin Memorable Prize’ Hong Kong-International piano competition – Chopin Impromptu Group

Champion with a first-classed award

Antonio Vivaldi Youth Music Competition Vienna 2017

3rd Prize

Performance Experience

Chamber Recital: A Voyage through the 19th and 20th-Century, 2018


Working Experience

Piano Teacher, From 2013

Lok Sin Tong Yang Xiao Ling Speech Therapy Centre, 2017 - 2018

SEN Kids Music Teacher

ELCHK, Shatin District Community Centre for the Golden-Aged, 2021

Guest Speaker

Prestige Music Academy, From 2023

Programme director of the music enlightenment courses for children

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Encouraging students to share music with others

Students are always encouraged to share their wonderful music with others. In order to provide more performance opportunities, students recital would be regularly organized. Throughout the students recital, students could learn more from others' performance.

Teaching Location

EasternKowloon CityWong Tai SinSha Tin

Tutor's Studio

Diamond Hill Lung Poon Street 8



Tuition$450 - $550$600 - $700$750 - $900
  • The Tuition refers to 60mins per lesson.
  • The Tuition might be adjusted according to the duration and location of the lesson.
  • All amounts are in Hong Kong Dollars.


All Instrumental Lessons / Accompaniment
Beginner: Beginner - G. 4
Intermediate: G. 5 - G. 7
Advanced: G. 8 or above

Western Music Theory
Beginner: ABRSM Music Theory G. 5
Intermediate: ABRSM Music Theory G. 8
Advanced: Trinity College London AmusTCL or above

Chinese Music Theory
Beginner: Shanghai Conservatory of Music Theory
Beginner: Central Conservatory of Music Theory G. 1
Intermediate: Central Conservatory of Music Theory G. 2
Advanced: Not applicable

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Private Lesson Booking Instructions

How to Book a Lesson

Lesson Booking Procedure:
1.Submit student information; The tutor will respond according to the information.Messages between student/tutor will be screenshotted or forwarded through M5 Music.
2.Discuss and arrange the lesson time, location, tuition fee, etc.
3.The lesson will be confirmed after completing the payment of the Tuition of the First Lesson.
4.Take the lesson according to the booking time.
5.The second lesson and beyond are arranged by the student/tutor themselves.
If the student/parent wants to contact the tutor directly before the payment, please read Is it Allowed to Contact the Tutor before Making Payment?

Is it Allowed to Contact the Tutor before Making Payment?

Protecting tutors’ personal privacy is our job; Tutors need to avoid unnecessary leakage of privacy.

Before student/parent makes payment:
i.Some tutors do NOT accept direct contact.
ii.Some tutors will call student/parent with a “Hidden Number”.
iii.Some tutors accept to contact student/parent through various ways.
After contacting the tutor, if the student/parent intends to take a lesson, the tuition of the first lesson has to be paid to M5 Music before having lesson.

Tuition of the First Lesson

The tuition of the first lesson is charged by M5 Music (accept Bank Transfer or FPS); Students do NOT need to pay additional fee for the first lesson.

Tuition of the Second Lesson and Beyond

Starting from the second lesson, please pay tuition directly to the tutor. Generally, four lessons will be calculated as one session. Please check with your tutor about the payment method for the second lesson and beyond.

No Free Trail Lesson

M5 Music and all tutors do NOT offer free trial lessons. All “trial lessons” are considered as the “first lesson”.

Student's Absence Notice

Student’s absent must be proposed 24 hours before the lesson time. Otherwise, it will be regarded as “Impromptu Absence”. Providing a make-up lesson or not will be decided by the tutor him/herself. Hereby declare, M5 Music will NOT provide refund for “Impromptu Absence” even if the tutor does not want to provide a make-up lesson.

Typhoons and Rainstorms Arrangement

If the first lesson is affected by typhoon and rainstorm warning, M5 Music can assist both parties to reschedule the lesson.

Refund Policy

We only provide a refund if the tutor is absent on the original booking time, and cannot provide a make-up lesson for the next 14 days. Apart from this, we do not accept any refund request.