The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Teaching since 2015
Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Athena Kwong

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Professional field(s): Yangqin
Teaching language(s): Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Teaching since 2015

Kwong Po Ki

KWONG graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Master of Music degree with distinction, majoring in Yangqin. She receives coaching from Ms. Lee Meng Hsueh who is the principal of yangqin in Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

She started playing yangqin at the young age of nine, under the coaching from Mr. Ng Chiu Shing, Ms. Yu Mei Lai, Ms. Wang Yu Jue and Ms. Pan Wei Wen (Cantonese music). While at the Academy, she was a recipient of William Au Arts Education Scholarships, Jacky Cheung Scholarships and Parson Music Foundation Scholarships.

She is one of the RTHK ‘2019 young music makers’ and participated in radio recording and TV shows. In the same year, she was invited to Canada to perform a concerto as the soloist with HKJYCCO and Toronto Chinese Orchestra. She held the bachelor graduation recital in 2020 which was well received. In 2021, she was selected to be the soloist of the Yangqin concerto ‘Rhapsody’ in the Academy Chinese Orchestra Concert Practice of HKAPA. In the same year, she was invited to an Chinese instrumental concert (曲中詩, 樂中畫) held by HKJYCCO to perform as a soloist. Same year, she participated in RTHK Radio 4’s program ‘student concert hall’. She held the Master of music graduation recital in 2022 which was well received, with playing Teasing Fire (Hong Kong premiere) etc. In the same year, she was selected to be the soloist of the Yangqin concerto ‘Girl from Koran’ in the Academy Chinese Orchestra Gala.

She is currently the yangqin musician in the The Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble, the KD music production, the Hong Kong Juvenile and Youth Chinese Classical Orchestra, and the Hong Kong Yangqin Ensemble.

She also has 7 years teaching experience and she is the Yangqin tutor of La Salle Primary School, Good Hope School, HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School and St. Rose of Lima’s School etc.

Athena Kwong


Master of Music, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Graduated with Distinction

Working Experience

La Salle Primary School, 2016-

Yangqin Tutor

HKTA Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School, 2022-

Yangqin Tutor

Maryknoll Convent School, 2016-2022

Yangqin Tutor

Good Hope School, 2020-

Yangqin Tutor

St. Rose of Lima’s School, 2021-

Yangqin Tutor

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Tutor's Studio

San Po Kong

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FaceTime, Zoom



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  • The Tuition might be adjusted according to the duration and location of the lesson.
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All Instrumental Lessons / Accompaniment
Beginner: Beginner - G. 4
Intermediate: G. 5 - G. 7
Advanced: G. 8 or above

Western Music Theory
Beginner: ABRSM Music Theory G. 5
Intermediate: ABRSM Music Theory G. 8
Advanced: Trinity College London AmusTCL or above

Chinese Music Theory
Beginner: Shanghai Conservatory of Music Theory
Beginner: Central Conservatory of Music Theory G. 1
Intermediate: Central Conservatory of Music Theory G. 2
Advanced: Not applicable

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Is it Allowed to Contact the Tutor before Making Payment?

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If the first lesson is affected by typhoon and rainstorm warning, M5 Music can assist both parties to reschedule the lesson.

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We only provide a refund if the tutor is absent on the original booking time, and cannot provide a make-up lesson for the next 14 days. Apart from this, we do not accept any refund request.