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Last Revision: 12 May 2024
  • Rename M5 Music’s “Lesson Booking Service” to “Private Lesson Booking Service” to distinguish between the services of M5 Music and M5 Academy (12 May 2024).
  • Changed the subject “You” to “Tutor” in Student’s Absence and Tutor’s Responsibilities (26 July 2022)
  • Optimized the Lesson Booking Service (20 July 2022)

Private Lesson Booking Instructions

Booking Procedure

M5 Music assists tutor/student to arrange the First Lesson
1.M5 Music will send you the student information, and you reply according to the information.
The messages between student/tutor will be screenshotted or forwarded through M5 Music.
2.Discuss the lesson time, location, tuition fee, etc., until a consensus is reached.
It is recommended you to reserve the lesson time for 2 to 3 days until the student completes payment.
3.Once the student transfers the Tuition of the First Lesson to M5 Music, the lesson is confirmed.
You will receive the student’s contact.
It is recommended you to make a phone call to the student/parent for a better understanding with the student’s learning situation, expectations, whether you need to prepare teaching materials, and so on.
4.Provide the first lesson as scheduled.
5.For the second lesson and beyond, do it yourself.
If you wish/accept to contact the students/parents who haven’t made payment, please read Contacting Applicants Who Haven’t Made Payment.

Contacting Applicants Who Haven't Made Payment

If you wish/accept to contact the students/parents who haven’t made payment, instead of taking screenshots or forwarding through M5 Music, you must first read our statement, and then initiatively inform us and clearly state that you wish/accept to contact the applicant directly.

Tuition of the First Lesson

The tuition of the first lesson (full amount) is charged by M5 Music. Tutors are NOT allowed to charge any fees from students for the first lesson, including tuition and transportation.

The Second Lesson and Beyond

Do it yourself.

Teaching Place

If the teaching place is:

  • Student’s Home, you have to ask the student for the detailed address;
  • Studio, you have to clearly explain the location, and proactively provide assistances in finding the classroom;
  • Live Tutorial, you have to provide technical support to students, and do your best to ensure the live tutorial to be run smoothly.

Student's Absence

If a student proposes an absence within 24 hours of the lesson, it will be regarded as “Impromptu Absence”. Providing a make-up lesson or not will be decided by the tutor. Hereby declare, M5 Music will NOT provide refund for “Impromptu Absence” even if the tutor does not want to provide a make-up lesson.

Tutor's Responsibilities

Tutor must not forward student information to others; Tutor has to take the initiative to arrange another time for the lesson in case the student asks for an absence; If the tutor cannot provide a lesson at the original booking time, the tutor has to inform the student as soon as possible, and take the initiative to provide a make-up lesson; No matter what the reasons, as long as the absence is made by the tutor, it is necessary to provide a make-up lesson to the student within 14 days. Otherwise, Refund Policy takes effect. M5 Music may refund the tution of the first lesson to the student. The fee of refund will be borne by the tutor.


You are cooperating with the Company as a self-employed person; All policies of M5 Music are unilaterally formulated by the Company while the Company may revise the policy due to the market demand, and the Company may not necessarily issue a notice for the revision; Once you apply for being a tutor of M5 Music, meaning you agree all policies of the Company. In case of any dispute, the Comany reserves the right of final decision.

You have to take full responsibility for all your actions; You have to evaluate and bear all risks, liabilities, and consequences alone; The Company will NOT take any responsibilities for you, and will NOT make any compensation for any consequences.

Application Guide

Applicant must be a graduate or a student of music degree (Hong Kong Qualification Framework Level 5 or equivalent, referring to HKQF and Qualifications Register), both local and non-local schools are acceptable.

The procedure of being M5 Music tutor is as follows:
1.Complete the Tutor Registration.
2.Check the email confirmation.
3.Reply the email confirmation with photo(s) that needs to be uploaded to our website, and indicate which one is the Profile Pic.
4.Your profile will be marked as “Unverified” and posted on our website.
5.Check the profile, prepare documents, read the policy carefully again, and schedule an interview with us.
6.Show us the documents of proof during the interview.
7.After the interview, your profile will be marked as “Verified”.

During the interview:

  • You have to present original documents of proof for all qualifications, certificates, awards and achievements;
  • You have to present original documents of proof for “the instrumental lessons you can offer” with ABRSM Grade 8 or equivalent or above, or prove us by other ways that you are able to perform with that instrument;
  • You have to present the original documents of “the theory lessons you can offer” with the certificate of eligibility of that grade (e.g.: If you want to teach LMusTCL, show us the certificate of LMusTCL);
  • The Company may ask you to present other supporting documents based on the information of the profile.

The Company only posts tutors’ video through M5 Music’s YouTube Channel. If the you send YouTube or other link(s) to the Company, meaning you agree and authorize the Company to download the video(s) and upload to M5 Music’s YouTube Channel.

The Company recommends you to complete Tutor Registration with two languages. If you want to fill in the form by only one language, please copy the content to the other field.