Cloverland Music and Arts Centre

Rm 501, 5/F, IUKI Tower, 5 O’Brien Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Music Recording, Upright Piano, Grand Piano, Electronic Piano
c:(852) 6288 8908

We are Certified Music Learning and Authorized Exam Centres (Overseas) of Vienna Music Examination Board since 2009. We provide all grades of private and group lessons of music instruments and theory. Also, we provide rooms for practicing, lessoning and examination recording.

Price List

Room Booking (practice, teaching, zoom teaching equipments)
Electronic Piano, Hourly$80
Upright Piano, Hourly$80
Upright Grand Piano, Hourly$100
Grand Piano, Hourly$150
Recording Services
Self recording (without studio's recording equipments), Hourly$250
Self recording, Hourly$350
Recording with assistant, Hourly$550

Number of Rooms

5 Room


Upright PianoGrand PianoElectronic PianoMusic Recording

Upright Piano

Yamaha YU-116D, M.F. Rachals GF1

Grand Piano

Yamaha Grand GH1

Electronic Piano

Yamaha YDP-S31

Recording Devices

  • Professional condenser microphone
  • Shure MV88+
  • Deity V-Mic D3 Pro
  • Lightening with stand
  • DJI Osmo Action 4K HDR

Opening Hours

Sun to Sat, 9am-9pm

Studio Booking Guide

Rules for using the piano room

Thank you for booking our rooms! On the day of booking, you can arrive 5 minutes earlier for preparation. As the washroom is located outside the piano centre, if you want to go to the washroom, please first borrow the key before using the room. Please do not wear shoes inside the centre and please prepare a pair of clean socks. The pianos will be cleaned regularly, the rooms will also provide thermometers and alcoholic cleaners. Except vocal practising and wind instruments, both teachers and students are required to wear a mask inside the rooms. No eating or drinking are allowed in the rooms. Please strictly follow the above rules, thank you for your corporation!

How to book a piano room

For any enquires, please Whatsapp or give us a call at 62888908 for details.

Cloverland Music and Arts Centre
a:Rm 501, 5/F, IUKI Tower, 5 O’Brien Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
c:(852) 6288 8908