Turn the page quickly

"V.S." is an abbreviation for the Italian musical term "Volti Subito" that commonly found in musical scores, typically appearing at the bottom or margins of the score. This term instructs the musician or performer to turn the page immediately to ensure the continuity of the music without interruptions or missed passages.

When a musician or performer encounters "V.S." or "Volti Subito", they should promptly turn to the next page of the score to maintain the coherence and smoothness of the music. This is crucial for ensuring the seamless flow of a musical performance, as errors or delays during page-turning can disrupt the performance.

In modern times, with the increased use of electronic sheet music reading devices, some musicians and singers may no longer need to physically turn pages. They can use electronic readers or tablets to display the sheet music, making music performance more convenient. However, traditional paper sheet music is still widely used, and thus, "V.S." and "Volti Subito" remain essential musical terms for ensuring the smooth progression of the music.