To perform with all voices or instruments together

"Tutti" is a musical term often found in sheet music, indicating that all the instruments or sections in an ensemble should play together simultaneously. This term originates from Italian and literally means "all" or "everyone."

When "Tutti" appears in the score, it signifies that any previous indications of divisi (dividing into multiple parts) or unison (playing in one part) should no longer be followed, and all instrumental sections should come together to perform the music as a whole. This can create a powerful musical effect and is typically used during climactic sections of a piece or when a full ensemble sound is desired.

The use of "Tutti" helps to increase the volume of the music and adds layers to the sound, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the entire ensemble. It often appears at specific points in a composition to coordinate and unify the performers' efforts, creating a more impactful and emotionally resonant musical experience.

Example of Tutti

Solo, Divisi, Unisoni, Tutti