The leader of the first violins of an orchestra and by custom usually the assistant to the conductor

Concertmaster refers to the principal or lead violinist in an orchestra or chamber ensemble. They hold a prominent position within the ensemble and play a vital role in its performance.

The Concertmaster serves as the leader of the orchestra, working closely with the conductor to interpret the music and guide the ensemble's performance. They lead the string section and set the standard for musical expression, intonation, and phrasing. During rehearsals and performances, the Concertmaster plays an essential role in maintaining unity and cohesion among the musicians.

In addition to their leadership responsibilities, the Concertmaster often performs as a soloist within the orchestra. They play important violin solos and lead the string section in sections where the violins have prominent melodies or challenging passages. The Concertmaster's role as a soloist showcases their technical prowess and musical artistry.

The position of Concertmaster is typically held by a highly skilled and experienced violinist. They are selected through a rigorous audition process and are recognized for their exceptional musicianship, technical proficiency, and leadership abilities. The Concertmaster's expertise and musical sensitivity contribute significantly to the overall sound and artistic interpretation of the ensemble.

Example of Concertmaster

David Kim - Being a Concertmaster